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DevOps Cloud Architect Engineer

We welcome DevOps engineers to help us in keeping up delivering superior services to our clients.
We expect our DevOps engineers to have the following scope of responsibilities:
  • Automation of continuous integration and continuous delivery for multiple customized installations.
  • Management and utilization of cloud providers (AWS/Azure).
  • Operational infrastructure maintenance (monitoring, logs, and alerts).
  • Work in close cooperation with the R&D and the Support teams.
Here we provide a list of skills and technologies we are interested in. See for yourself, whether any of them are in your scope of expertise or interest. You do not have to master all of them. Tell us what your strong side is and we will find the right task for you. We value the thrive for knowledge and self-development within our team.
  • Fluent with Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Experience with real-time data cloud services on platform of a choice:
    • AWS IoT Core, GCP IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub
    • AWS Kinesis, GCP Pub/Sub, Azure Service Bus
    • AWS Lambda, GCP Functions, GCP DataFlow, Azure Functions, Azure Streaming analytics
    • AWS Athena, GCP BigTable, GCP BigQuery, Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Expert knowledge in Linux shell.
  • Production experience with cloud deployments: AWS / Azure / Google and cloud services: Kubernetes,
    Domain Management, Load Balancer, DB technologies, and CDN services (Cloudflare).
  • Being familiar with infrastructure as code, HashiCorp's Terraform.
  • Experience in installing and configuring monitoring software: Prometheus/Grafana.
  • Experience in installing and configuring log aggregation software: ELK/Graylog.
It is also an advantage if you have the following skills:
  • Knowledge of GitLab.
  • Nginx configuration experience.
  • Ansible orchestration and Python scripting.
  • Experience in DB technologies: MySQL/MariaDB, Cloudera, InfluxDB, CouchBase.
  • Knowledge of build systems: Gradle, cake, and package management: NuGet, maven, npm.
  • Knowledge of Windows and .Net framework.
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