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About Us

DELTIX - Development Laboratory for Technology and Informatics inspired and driven by developers. DELTIX joined the EPAM family in 2020.


DELTIX was created in 2005 by researchers and developers who still drive and inspire the company today. Throughout all these years, we have managed to preserve a flexible environment free of excessive bureaucracy, filled with passion and start-up enthusiasm. Our creative and innovative way of thinking continues to thrive in EPAM after our acquisition in 2020.

Our Core Approach

Provide the most efficient environment for software creators where intelligent ideas turn into real projects fast, without any artificial roadblocks and limitations, including financial. A cornerstone of our philosophy is to offer creativity and flexibility of a software start-up combined with the safety and security of a mature corporate infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

Since the very inception of DELTIX, our products have been acknowledged multiple times with top industry awards as the best solutions for financial research, algo trading, and trading platforms.

We create top-notch technology to work with time series and streaming data for enterprise clients (such as banks, brokers, and exchanges) in the financial services sector. Our products work with both crypto and traditional asset classes including synthetic products. The main high-level use case is to aggregate, store, model, and stream time series data.

Our Primary Target

Nurturing talents and creating a place of growth for driven and smart individuals. Being a part of DETLIX means passion and thriving for breakthrough ideas and technologies, free-thinking; converting intelligent ideas to working projects, a spirit of research, and new ideas free of bureaucracy. It is a place where young and promising talents can spread their wings, test, prototype and implement their ideas, and be recognized for that. We do not impose strict requirements on people. In DELTIX you are free to work your way and with the tools and skills that you feel comfortable with. We make sure each talent is recognized and provided room to make an impact and bring value.

Today DELTIX has expanded its geography to basically any place where EPAM has its offices. If all this resonates with you, then DELTIX is definitely the right team for you to be a part of.