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QuantHub Product Launch

We are proud and very excited to announce the launch of our new product called QuantHub.

QuantHub is a powerful platform allowing to accelerate digital transformation by creating valuable data products. Powered by SDMX 3.0 information model, QuantHub professionally handles the following business scenarios:

  • Data Product Lifecycle Management: Collect data from your local and external providers, analyze, transform and validate, then package it into a data product to deliver the insightful story to your end user.

  • Data Product Dissemination: Convey data insights through multiple dissemination channels that optimally interact with your diverse audience: public users, BI/data analysts, data scientists, and software developers among many others.
  • Enterprise Data Catalog: Accelerate the onboarding of data from external sources and combine it with internal datasets to provide uniform access for data discovery, analysis, and integration.
  • Survey-Based Data Product: QuantHub is an ideal end-to-end solution for whatever microdata you want to survey and package into a data product, be it a national census or company hardware inventory.

Please visit the QuantHub website to learn more.