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About TimeBase

TimeBase is a multi-faceted, open-source data-streaming powerhouse, combining a time-series database, message broker, data modeling, and a well-optimized serialization framework. Being recognized as a competitor of Influxdb, Avro, and Kafka, TimeBase really shines when it comes to high-throughput, low-latency, and server-side complex event processing (CEP), easily showing up to 1 million messages per core per second for both input and output.

Well-documented and straightforward JAVA, C++, Python, C#, GO, REST, and WS APIs are easy to learn and understand, while ready-to-use deployment scripts (docker-compose, helm, windows installation) allow one to start using TimeBase in 5 minutes. Unlike many of the competitors, TimeBase is really easy to adopt: streaming, storage, and data modeling are already integrated and you do not need to spend time on designing and maintaining kilobytes of pointless boilerplates.

Although TimeBase was originally developed for Financial Markets, we now see useful applications in areas such as IoT, Instant Payments, System Monitoring, and adTech technologies. TimeBase's open-source ecosystem includes integrations with TimeScaleDB, ClickHouse, Grafana, S3, Kafka, and many other relevant technologies.

TimeBase Community Edition is a part of FINOS Open Source Community

Our Team

TimeBase R&D team counts more than 20 top-level developers, including all the original creators of TimeBase, which allows sharing a valuable domain and technology insight gained over the years on multiple projects.

In ABOUT DELTIX you can learn more about the company and values we promote and support in our team.

New Challenges

Originally, TimeBase was designed to address uses cases in the financial domain. Nevertheless, we take on new challenges in other areas such as IoT, cloud computing, clustering, high-performance computing, parallel data processing, and Big Data to name a few. 

TimeBase Technology Stack

  • Core Development Technology: Java SE 11+, .NET
  • User Interface Back-End:  JAVA, Spring, WebSockets
  • User Interface Front-End: AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, AJAX, Node.js
  • Client Applications Stack: C++, Python, C# - client APIs, Grafana connector, Timescale connector, Kafka connector
  • Auxiliary Tools and Technologies: Raft (Cluster communication), Apache Tomcat (Servlet Container), Apache Hadoop DFS, Azure DFS, JMH, Junit, Selenium, Gatling, Gradle
  • Deployment Tools and Technologies:  Kubernetes, Docker-Compose, Helm, Windows/Linux installers, Graylog, AWS
  • DELTIX Open Source Products: DFP, HdTime, TimeBaseKafkaConnector, TimeBaseClickhouseConnector, TimeBaseTimescaleConnector
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