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About C2 MarketMaker

C2 MarketMaker is a package of specialized trading bots, APIs, configuration, and monitoring utilities built on top of Ember Server. MarketMaker allows applying prices from one marketplace to another by sending corresponding trading requests, which enables dozens of successful customers to generate profit in one of two ways:

  • providing basic offering for newly opening markets, i.e., market-making
  • catching arbitrage (miss-pricing) between different markets places (for example Binance vs Coinbase)

MarketMaker supports even more sophisticated trading logic allowing to capitalize from the mispricing of a combination of currency pairs (ETH-BTC, ETH-USD, BTC-USD triangles for example), or even a combination of spot and derivative instruments. There is an algorithm that accurately estimates order book and efficiently replicates its states to a target marketplace.

Market Making and Arbitrage Trading are exceptionally demanding for fast and accurate system engineering, and major errors can lead to catastrophic results.

MarketMaker offers ready-to-use integrations with numerous marketplaces. We offer open API to integrate with our system, as well as implement new trading logic or configure existing ones.

Our Clients

C2 MarketMaker solution is designed for Automated Trading for FX/crypto market makers and institutional buy and sell-side clients such as:

Our Team

C2 MarketMaket team includes experts with decades of experience in the trading domain and specialized technology, including original creators of MarketMaker. Every day we face challenges that arise from the constantly changing world of financial markets and we possess a deep understanding of traditional and cryptocurrency trading specifics to tackle them.

In ABOUT DELTIX you can learn more about the company and values we promote and support in our team.

C2 MarketMaker Technology Stack:

  • Core Technology: we work on JAVA to develop trading algorithms.
  • Back-End: Spring Gradle and JAVA.
  • Front-End:  AngularJS, TypeScript, WebSocket, njRx.
  • Database: MySQL and TimeBase.
  • DELTIX Open Source Technologies: TimeBase, DFP, Containers, GFLog.
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