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About CryptoCortex

CryptoCortex is an ecosystem of DELTIX technologies and products packed as a turnkey solution to run exchange or broker business on both crypto and traditional markets. CryptoCortex leverages over 15 years of DELTIX experience in building enterprise-grade and highly optimized trading software with modern web-scale technologies and cloud deployments.

CryptoCortex is closely integrated with such DELTIX technologies as

  • TimeBase - for storing market data and trading history, fast data processing, and complete traceability.
  • EMBER Server – for the fastest execution and integration with external markets.
  • C2 MarketMaker – for providing basic offering for exchange type of businesses.

On top of that, all CryptoCortex components support deep customization, configuration, and a system of open APIs/SDKs, that offer every client the ability to design a unique business model and visual experience. For the development team, it means a continuous journey of discovering different aspects of building marketplaces to deliver the most fast, flexible, and sophisticated solution on the market.

Our Clients

Since the first release of the product, we have managed to contract more than 10 enterprise-level clients such as world-famous trading and brokerage systems (Beaxy, Fusang and TradeStation, and many more), international financial institutions, and exchanges.

Development Best Practices

In CryptoCortex we have developed best practices that allow us to achieve superior results and building a competitive product. These are a few to mention:

  • low-latency development
  • allocation-free code
  • cache-friendly code
  • high-performance programming
  • algorithms
  • data structures

Our Team

CryptoCortex team counts more than ten top-level developers, including original product creators, which allows sharing technological and domain expertise gained over the years of battle-tested experience.

In ABOUT DELTIX you can learn more about the company and values we promote and support in our team.

Technology Stack 

  • Core Development Technology: We use core java, protobuf (custom), and in-house tech (link to open-source) for core parts. Web sockets (STOMP), REST, ReactiveX, Spring for web services.
  • Database:  TimeBase (link) and MariaDB
  • Auxiliary Technology: OpenID/OAuth2 (Auth0, Cognito, Keycloak, ORY Hydra), C# (.Net core), Cake, Gradle, Maven, Nuget, Nunit, Junit, Selenium, Jmeter, Ethereum blockchain. Custody providers (BitGo, Curv, Fireblocks).
  • Front-End Technology: React, Angular, Websockets, PixiJS, Ag Grid, Web Workers, big.js, moment.js
  • Deployment and Monitoring:  Kubernetes, Docker, Grafana, Graylog, Prometheus, Gitlab CI, Terraform, AWS (EKS, S3, ELB, SES, VPC), Helm, Hashicorp Vault, Pretunl.
  • DELTIX Open Source Products: TimeBase, DFP, HDTime, Containers, Luminary, ValueTypes4Java, GFLog, GFLog.net
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