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Duplicate of TimeBase Web Admin Community Release

Duplicate of TimeBase Web Admin Community Release

We are excited to announce that we have released TimeBase Web Admin Community Edition.

TimeBase Web Administrator offers a simple and powerful web interface to manage and monitor data stored in TimeBase:

  • Create/Edit/View/Delete/Export/Import streams.
  • Monitor live data.
  • Query/Export/Import data.

TimeBase Administrator also serves as a REST/WS gateway for TimeBase Server.

TimeBase is a multi-faceted, open-source data-streaming powerhouse, combining a time-series database, message broker, data modeling, and a well-optimized serialization framework. Originally, TimeBase was designed to address uses cases in the financial domain. Nevertheless, we take on new challenges in other areas such as IoT, cloud computing, clustering, high-performance computing, parallel data processing, and Big Data to name a few.

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