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Duplicate of Open-Source Crypto Connectors

Duplicate of Open-Source Crypto Connectors

With TimeBase Community Edition you get access to free-market data connectors you can use to receive normalized market data with any level of granularity (top of the book, L2) from the most popular crypto exchanges and recording it in TimeBase in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

  • Easy Launch: you can launch the entire collection or selected connectors by running just one command.
  • 14 Supported Crypto Exchanges: we currently support 14 crypto exchanges and constantly add new ones.
  • Seamless Integration:  use TimeBase Python, Java, REST APIs to read data recorded by connectors to TimeBase streams.
  • Visualization: you can view the recorded market data live in TimeBase Web Administrator application or Grafana dashboards.
  • Data Types: use our special API to get normalized Top of the Book and L2 market data from crypto exchanges.
  • Storage: all market data is stored in TimeBase open-source time-series database.

Refer to our GitHub repository to learn how to quick start.

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